Why Do You Need The Suorin Ace Pod Kit


When you want to get one vape pod for your personal use, you need to consider a lot of features. Apart from the main purpose which is vaping, some features are crucial to whether you will enjoy the vape pod or not. It may surprise you that some of these factors are regular colors and beauty. These may seem like basic features, but because this device is for personal use, you may consider those factors. That being said, let us take a look at the features that will make you want the Ace Pod Kit from the suorin brand.

Beautiful outlook

Aesthetics matter a lot when it comes to picking any product at all, whether it is a vape pod or not. When it comes to beauty this ace pod kit is one of the finest items you will ever see. It may have a small size, but you will never miss out on its beauty when you see it. The length is 71mm, while the breadth and thickness are 45mm and 16mm, respectively. However, the sleek body coming from a combination of plastic and alloys of Zinc makes it immediately noticeable.

Simple design

Still, on the beauty of the product, you may think that the company had a lot of struggles with the design. In contrast, this vape has a simple design. There is only one control on the body with the fire symbol. It does not have any of those other buttons that may be confusing to the user.

Lasts for a full day

When you purchase The ace pod kit, you can rest assured that your vaping will not be an interrupted experience. There is enough room for the liquid with the 2ml cartridge capacity. Once this finishes, you can also refill the cartridge.

Safe vaping experience

Vaping is not exactly the safest of activities. However, it is a great way to start the journey of stopping smoking. Since it is a piece of electrical equipment, you need to be sure that inhaling such items can be safe for you to use. The ace pod kit is a safe equipment as the brand has many safety checks.

Charging in a short period and strong battery

The ace pod kit comes with a battery capacity of 1000mAh. This is enough to keep you puffing for a full day without getting dead. When the battery goes flat, you will have it full to its capacity within the next hour. That way, you can rely on your battery to stand the test of time.


If you are a bit confused about the type of vape pod to pick, then the suorin Ace Pod Kit. We have discussed some of the amazing features that this pod will give you. Of course, suorin is a household name that has a lot of respect within the vape pod industry. One reason for their relevance is the differences between their products with each having great features. The most attractive feature of the Ace Pod Kit is the safety you will experience while you vape.


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