Easy Steps On How To Set Up Your Pressure Washer At Home


Every human being desires to have a spotless and attractive house for themselves, but sometimes we try to avoid the activities involved in getting that immaculate home. One primary reason for this is the high level of workload involved.

Luckily, the advent of the pressure washer has made that desire easier to fulfill as it has proven to be the easiest and the most efficient method of cleaning a house. No matter the kind of stain in and around your home, be it paint on the side of the house or mud on the driveway, the pressure washer efficiently does justice in cleaning them all.

However, most people don’t use this machine because they don’t know how to set the washer up. So instead, they switch back to the conventional methods such as foam and hand cleaning, which is more stressful and less efficient than a washer. This article explains easy steps to set up your pressure washer yourself easily.

How To Set Up Your Pressure Washer

Set Up The Spray Guns

The spray gun is not attached directly to the machine upon delivery to create more space as long nozzles with different modes like 4-Mode Nozzle are connected at the end. So it’s left to you to attach the spray gun yourself. The other end is like a regular gun with a trigger pulled to release water. It also has interchangeable tips to remove water in different volumes and pressure while cleaning.

Hook Up The Water Supply

With the aid of the tightly fitted garden hose, the next thing you have to do is to hook up the water supply to the threaded fitting of the pressure washer. To prevent any case of injury whatsoever, it is important to double-check whether the hose is well fitted by gently pulling the high-pressure hose upward, and then you can attach the spray gun the saw way. The high-pressure hose is attached by firstly holding the knurled collar back, pressing onto the barbed fitting, and then pushing the collar forward.

Connect the Hose To A Water Supply

To have a constant water supply, you should connect the garden hose that has already been linked to the washer to the water supply and turn on the valve.

Connect The Pressure Washer To A Power Source

If you’re using an electrically powered washer, plug in your washer to a nearby power source. You should also check the oil if you are using a fuel-powered washer or gas level before turning it on.

Turn The Fuel Supply Valve And Turn On The Ignition Switch

The next thing to do is turn on the fuel supply valve and set the choke. Then you can turn the ignition and quickly pull the starting cord. You should also note that the engine shouldn’t be running when the pump is still cooled.


There you have it!! Easy steps on setting up your pressure washer. When properly followed, these steps empower you to quickly set up your pressure washer with absolutely no help from anybody, and you can go on to discard old and stressful methods of cleaning your house


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