Fashion is important in human lives. It helps to give an idea about our personalities to other people or in some cases, is just used for comical purposes. A men dressed in a well cut suit and a briefcase in his hands will give off the look of a banker or a first rated businessman even though he may not be one or a woman dressed in a proper fitted gown may pass off as an average fair lady of the state. Though neither of them might fill any of these roles, their outfit or attire will attempt to convince lookers or other people to think otherwise.

Modern day fashion has gone beyond just well designed outfits or foot wears. It now involves other things such as mannerisms, hair style, body language, even down to the type of wallet or purse used. Delving into the world of men’s fashion, consider how the pop up wallet has made an impact today.

What is a Pop Up Wallet?

The Pop up wallet may be known as Ejector wallets or in some areas of the world, slide wallets. They are a remarkable new invention in the men’s fashion world. These wallets make use of metal device at the base of the wallet that allows the storage and accessibility of purchasing cards at a button’s push.

The cards are spread out evenly so that they can be seen in their respective slots and when selected, slide out with ease. No other wallet in the market provides a brilliant way to have a quick easy access to your purchasing cards.

These wallets are well sought after in the community today because since the emergence of the pop up wallet into the fashion world, it has only continued to gain popularity. But like all every other items it has its own benefits and let-downs.

Before you decide to purchase a pop up wallet, consider the following.

Advantages of the pop up wallet

  1. The pop up wallet has a very compact and satisfying method to keep in purchasing cards. These can be easily stored and accessed using the slide mechanism. Many wallets today can fit in 4-6 purchasing cards in their storage slots and they usually have space for physical cash.
  2. Though the effectiveness of the slide or pop up mechanism is the basis for the idea, many pop up wallets have been known to consist of many other functions. These may include money-clips, GPS tracking etc.
  3. There are several eye catching designs of pop wallets in the market to pick from. No other wallet brands offer such wide options of personalization.

Disadvantages of pop up wallets

  1. Because of the pop up mechanism in place, these wallets have a shorter lifespan than most because the mechanism can either break or go bad which will affect the wallet’s functionality and make it useless.
  2. They have a bulky mechanism in place and this makes the height and width bigger than normal wallets. They have greater weight as the wallet’s metal contributes to it’s weight mass.
  3. Cost: Despite being popular and sought after in the market, the pop up wallets are quite costly. Because of the range of personalization options, these wallets has a price tag that ranges from around $40 to $100.
  4. Despite the few cons, many find it beneficial to have at least one from an impressive pop up wallet


The pop up wallet is a very stylish way to safeguard our personal effects and yet provides great functionality despite its shortcomings. These disadvantages can easily be overlooked and discarded, after all who doesn’t want to be stylish.


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