Do You Need a Power Washer or Pressure Washer for Home?


There is a thin line between the pressure washer and power washer. Both follow a similar procedure to deliver a stellar job. Both pair the motor’s strength with water volume to generate high pressure. And a newbie wouldn’t tell the difference. Often, you’ll find them using these terms interchangeably. It could be because both tools can work with either a gas or an electric motor.

Look at them keenly and discover the subtle element that separates them. The pressure washer does fine with cold water while the power washer uses heated water. On the face value, it might not seem like a big deal. The cleaning experience does bring out a clear-cut distinction. Hot water blasts out the toughest grime making it a perfect choice when handling broad and greasy areas.

A pressure washer is ideal when you desire a quick clean. A 2in 1 design is irresistible because it secures the cord using the reel held on a firm surface with the help of a Bracket. It eliminates the thought of rolling a heavy and dirty hose when all you need is a quick clean.

The sneak peek tells you that both models are equally important. But as a homeowner, you want a unit that works wonders and is friendlier with surfaces. As such, basic guidelines give you a hint on where to start your hunt.

Take a look at this;

Giraffe’s power washer is ideal for both casual cleaning and stain removal

Before settling on the idea to purchase a washing unit, check whether renting a machine could be the best alternative. Of course, how often you require a washing tool dictates choice. If you use a pressure washer regularly, installing one will save you tons of bucks.

Next, decide to go with a pressure washer or a power washer depending on the severity of staining you run into regularly. Remember, a power washer can overhaul the looks of your surfaces to give them a lasting shine. It means that you can do a thorough cleaning once in a blue moon. So, it could be economical to go with a pressure washer instead.

But if you work with grease and other stubborn stains, a gas power washer is for you. The cleaning energy is so high that you may not require incorporating chemicals into your cleaning. And even when you adjust the nozzles to a higher degree angle, it cleans thoroughly like a pressure washer.

Giraffe’s pressure washer is suitable for light detail

The pressure washer gushes water at speed, 30 to 80 times stronger than a regular garden hose. It tells you that the power is insanely high and can tear fabrics or disintegrate paint. Developers even recommend that users wear protective gear when working with them. And it is because the pressure is too strong and capable cause injury requiring hospitalization.

A pressure washer can tone down the pressure and reach a point ideal for regular cleaning. Therefore, it is handy when cleaning patios, decks, or even your car. The variety of nozzles gives you the flexibility to switch accordingly.

Giraffe’s power washer handles commercial washing

If you are a big fan of sparklingly clean items, a power washer is your friend. It detangles tough stains like a pro. Gum, grease, and caked grime can’t stand the force of pressure. Broadside walks and concrete with nasty stains get life once you use a pressure washer to blast the dirt away.

When you own a busy detailing garage, a long queue of dirty trucks won’t scare you because it combines super-high pressure with hot water to lift grease faster. However, you’ll need the help of an experienced person or a professional to curb damage.

Final thoughts

A pressure washer saves you money and time. Unlike garden hoses, it uses less water and leverages pressure to blast dirt faster. If you are a clean freak, giving a pressure washer a thought will reward you with a super clean home with dazzling patios, sidewalks, and decks. A word of caution, the pressure can work against you if you lack the experience to operate your cleaning unit.


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