The Most Affordable Glamping Tent in 2022 For Camping


Outdoor activities have been seriously blighted as COVID-19 lets out a breath. As another summer draws near, many are seeking alternatives to get away from their homes, experience something different and spend more time outdoors. Traveling to exotic lands could be somewhat risky nowadays but we can be certain that all of our forests, as well as public lands, are accessible (with limitations obviously). There is no better method to explore than to spend moments in nature reconnecting with yourself and nature.

While certain of us are about getting out and about in the wilderness, however, some people don’t feel comfortable getting away from their couches with their nice glassware, comfortable bedding, regardless of how hard we attempt to convince ourselves or anyone else that we are enjoying camping. If that’s you, then a Glamping (aka stylish camper) camping tent might be the best way to take it.

In this article, we’ll explain what you should look for when selecting a glamping tent and our glamping Tent recommendation to you!

What to keep in mind when looking for a glamping tent?

Camping tents come in an array of styles and it’s a challenge to narrow down your options. We suggest you keep in mind the following aspects when buying a glamping tent.

The shape of the glamping tent

The most well-known style of glamping tent is bell-shaped. However, other designs like safari (A-frame) or Wall (higher walls than safari) dome-shaped, hexagonal and large classic camping tents can be found abundant. Bell-shaped tents are more efficient than safari tents. Safari tents are greater livability and less wasted space. Traditional camping tents can be shaped in any way you prefer.

Materials used in a glamping tent

The traditional glamping tent is constructed from polyester canvas and steel poles flooring made of PVC. They are the strongest and are able to be altered to accommodate a stove made of wood However, they’re weighty and bulky. The traditional camping tent is constructed from polyester and nylon, which is more lightweight and air-tight but is less robust.

Size of the glamping tent

Glamping tents range in sizes from 6-by-6-foot rectangular (traditional camper tent) to 16-foot diameter circles (a big bell tent). The majority of them are large enough to hold a few twin-sized mattresses at least. Glamping tents aren’t typically labeled according to the number of guests they can sleep in, since the purpose is to provide luxurious amenities.

Ease of Setup of the Glamping tent

The majority of glamping tents require two people to put it up properly. There are some that have a minimalist design that has a central pole, whereas larger Safari-style (outfitter) tents feature many corners, making the setting more complex. Traditional camping tents come with designs that are easier to set up and could be handled by just one person.

How we have chosen the best glamping tent for you?

To assist you in choosing a luxurious tent for your future glamping we conducted many hours of research into new models, as well as unique features. We looked at size, the shape of the tent, construction materials and setup ease cost, packing, and price as well as other build features.

We’ve chosen the hexagonal Glamping Tent, you can take a look at the safari tent glamping.


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