Advantages and Benefits of Rock Crushers – Stone Crusher


t is a stone crusher developed and improved based on traditional rock crushing machines. The advantages and benefits of the Crusher are as follows:

The feed opening of this machine is more significant than that of the jaw crusher. It makes it easier for users to put materials into the machine, reduces the time for taking in materials, saves production cost, and improves efficiency. The stone jaw Crushers produced by the crusher manufacturers are tailored to distinct market demands. The first type of jaw crusher, suited to actual user requirements, may be found.

Collocation with other types of equipment, such as a vibrating screen/feeder/conveyor, enables it to achieve direct reduction or pre-crushing. Thus capacity can be enlarged compared to single station type. Some models have hydraulic adjustment devices so they can be equipped to work together with cone crushers producing stones below a specific limit particle size.

According to government policy in some areas, sawdust produced by crushers must be collected to meet environmental protection requirements. Still, the collection is troublesome because of sawdust’s bulky volume and the ample accumulation space required for storage. The hopper-type dust collector invented by our company solves these problems well because it takes full advantage of material flowing nature within cone crusher effectively reducing floor space for this task significantly. In addition, the dust-collecting tank is divided into several parts with closed walls inside to prevent fly ash from scattering, further reducing working costs during collection.

Cone Crusher

Cone crusher is a new type of stone crusher based on carrying on the advantages of traditional ones. This cone crusher has many benefits: simple structure, reliable operation, easy adjustment and maintenance, high production efficiency, etc. It can be used for coarse crushing and fine crushing to meet different needs in one working line. It can also produce stones below a certain limit particle size with its hydraulic adjustment device if equipped with a screen/feeder/conveyor. In a word, the machine has many advantages, so it is very popular with users and plays a vital role in the stone production line.

A Cone crusher can be used to crush all kinds of ore materials, no matter the hardness degree or the required final particle shape. Various crushers models are available for producing aggregates below 9mm, 3mm, and 1mm according to user requirements.

The construction industry generally uses quarry dust as filling material in many cases. Construction companies use moisture meters to control the water content in serving operations or production processes, while some prefer measuring it by hand. This, however, causes inconvenience and wastes time. For this reason, the moisture meter invented by our company can automatically measure water content in filling materials or production processes according to a preset value. It also saves labor costs and improves working efficiency.

Bearing Parts Lifetime

The advantages of extending the lifetime of bearing parts are apparent compared with other crushers because it has less waste heat during the crushing process due to its good sealing performance between the main engine and cover boards. Hence, it helps prolong the useful life of bearings under high-temperature conditions. Thus service interval is extended a great deal while downtime is reduced for users in processing operations at quarry sites or construction sites equipped with cone crushers. Only standard bearing parts are used for assembly, which allows easy replacement when bearing parts are worn.

It has strong adaptability to shock and vibration during the transportation or installation of this machine. For example, it can automatically adjust the gap between the rotor head and housing based on the weight of feeding materials so that the crushing cavity is always in a balance condition. This increases output which reduces production cost for users significantly while also prolonging the service life of the main engine at the same time.


The cone crusher is a popular kind of new generation stone crusher with many advantages that make it very popular among users. Moreover, it can be applied for coarse crushing and fine crushing, which allows users to meet different requirements in one working line. What’s more, it can also produce stones below a specific limit particle size with its hydraulic adjustment device if equipped with a screen/feeder/conveyor. In a word, the machine has many advantages, so it is very popular with users and plays a vital role in the stone production line.


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