How to Clean Necklaces Appropriately


Buying a necklace from is a wise option because you will get beautiful necklaces. Not only will you have many options to choose from when it comes to beauty, but you will also automatically have access to quality necklaces. In the midst of many fake necklace merchants, brands like accordion are hard to come by, especially when you want to buy a real crystal necklace. To save your stress during your purchase, it is often wiser to decide what you need before visiting a necklace store. When you visit a necklace store, you have many options that will leave you confused if you do not know what you want.

Regardless of the complexity of the necklace you buy and how expensive it is, you still need to maintain the necklace. A good way to maintain your necklace is by cleaning the piece properly. There are wrong opinions about cleaning your necklace, reducing the beauty and its value. If you clean your necklace properly, you will not only preserve the neckpiece; you will have it lasting more than you expected. Precious metals are the main constituents in necklaces. But regardless of the precious metal used, cleaning is not such a big deal. To clean your gold or silver necklace, you do not need complex processes. You can follow these easy steps;

Gather all materials

Cleaning your necklace may be an easy process, but you need to use some materials. Without these materials, you will be tempted to improvise, and this replacement may cause more harm than good to the necklace as a whole. Therefore, before you start cleaning your necklace, it is important that you get all the materials and tools ready to ensure a quick and effective job. Some of the materials needed include dish soap and club soda. The tools, on the other hand, involve hand gloves, a large bowl, a soft brush, and warm water. If you have all of these tools, you can start cleaning your necklace immediately.

Pour some dish soap into club soda

The next step is to make a mix of club soda into a bowl. The size of the bowl you will use for the mixture depends on the necklace or necklaces you are cleaning. If you are picking one necklace with a small size, then a small bowl will do. If you want to clean multiple necklaces at the same time, then you need a bigger bowl. Free advice: if you are cleaning multiple necklaces at the same time, it is best you do it one after the other. That way, you save yourself from entanglements.

Soak necklace in the mix for a few minutes

After making enough mix of the club soda and dish soap, the next step is to put your necklace in the mixture. As much as possible, the necklace should be immersed fully in the mixture. Things can get messy, so you should wear hand gloves at this point.


When you immerse the necklace, some of the dirt should be off. If you notice any dirt, you can wash with a soft brush, then rinse with warm water. After that, ensure you dry the neckpiece with a cloth.


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