Frozen Yogurt Machine: All About Frozen Yogurt and the machine


With the growing population of fitness enthusiasts, it was only a matter of time before the almighty ice-cream would get a formidable replacement. None other could have easily pulled off such a feat than frozen yogurt. There’s no denying that frozen yogurt is delicious and leaves you craving for it once you fall in love with it.

Frozen yogurt has been around for quite a while, but it is the ease of making it today that has seen it rise as a favorite alternative to ice-cream. Frozen yogurt is easily made with a frozen yogurt machine. But what exactly is frozen yogurt made of?

Frozen yogurt ingredients

The number of ingredients used in making frozen yogurt is fairly simple. Any difference in texture and taste is as a result of brands and company uniqueness.

The basic ingredients include

  • Yogurt cultures — streptococcus thermophilus and lactobacillus bulgaricus
  • Milk fat
  • Milk solids
  • Sweetener and sugar

The basics of a frozen yogurt machine

The internal design of a frozen yogurt machine is almost similar to a freezer or refrigerator. Coolants cool the machine’s coils to keep the inside of the machine cold. The liquid yogurt mixture is exposed to these cold temperatures keeping it in a semi-solid state.

The machine is powered by electricity through its well-designed and connected electrical system. The machines come in either single or triple phases. Although the triple phase machines are generally more energy efficient, the single phase machines are more popularly available.

The semi-solid yogurt is dispensed either through gravity or pressure nozzles. When dispensed through gravity, they come out slowly and can be curled into different shapes. Pressure dispensers push the yogurt out quickly but can attend to more customers within a short time.

Things to consider before buying a frozen yogurt machine


The first thing to consider should be the machine’s serving capacity. The machine helps ensure the yogurt stays frozen but its usefulness is in dispensing the semi-solid yogurt. A yogurt machine capacity is determined by the number of servings it can serve in a minute. The number of people you intend to serve should be a guide in choosing the required machine’s capacity.

Features & technology

The machine’s features and added technology is another angle to consider. As with many machines, these frozen yogurt machines come as manually operated or automatic. Self-serving machines would require less human input than one needing manual configuration. The machine also comes with either an air or water cooling system.

Ease of maintenance

No matter how careful you use the machine, it would need to undergo periodic maintenance. You can choose to carry out the maintenance procedures yourself or hire professionals. Whatever it is, you should buy a frozen yogurt machine that’s easy to maintain. You should be able to use basic tools to access and thoroughly clean the insides, when necessary.


Where the machine will be installed will determine the size and type to buy. There are a lot of frozen yogurt machine options to choose from.


Frozen yogurt has become a favorite alternative to ice-cream. The machinery needed to make it is easily available and most of them are easy to operate. Consider the factors we’ve highlighted above before buying one so you can choose the perfect frozen yogurt machine for your business or home.


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