How To Make LED Strip Lights Last Longer?


Led strip lighting is essential in most households and commercial places. Therefore, it is critical to ensure that they are appropriately maintained. Furthermore, with proper maintenance, led strip lighting can last up to six years and above. Additionally, there are ways you can use to increase the light’s lifespan. Below are the best ways on how to make LED strip lights last longer.


The best ways on How to make LED strip lights last longer

1. Adequate power supply capacity

LED strip lights use LED strip power to operate. If the power capacity is exceeded more than required, then it can cause immediate damage. Additionally, high power supply capacity can limit the LED strip light effectiveness; thus, leading to premature failure. Therefore, to ensure that your LED strip lights last longer, you can choose to use an adequate power supply capacity.


2. Close the lights when not in use

The less you use your lights, the longer they will last. Therefore, you can choose to work around your lights. If you are not using the LED strip lights, you can choose to close them. If you close the lights when not in use, they will last for longer periods.


3. Avoid cheap LED strip lights

The cheap lights may mean that the producer cut corners during the manufacturing process. Thus, reduce a strip light’s chance of withstanding heat. It may also lead to having strip lights with current issues, hence shorter longevity periods. Therefore, ensure that your LED strip lights come from a reputable brand in the market.


4. Avoid turning the lights off and on frequently

Even though turning the LED strip lights when not in use can help increase their life span, frequently turning them off and on can reduce their longevity. Furthermore, often switching off lights can impact the lighting system. Thus, if you wish to preserve the LED’s lighting system, it is crucial to avoid frequently switching the lights on and off. Therefore, you can prolong your LED strip light life span by regulating the frequency of turning lights off and on.


5. Avoid heating the LED strip lights

The LED strip lights do not generate as much heat as other lightings, such as Halogen. The fact that they do not generate as much heat makes them last for more extended periods. But if you enclosed them in recessed cans or other fixtures, the LED strip lights may cause heat build-up. The heat build-up will then reduce the longevity of the strip lights. Therefore, if you avoid enclosing the strip lights in fixtures, your strip lights can last longer.


6. Stress test the LED strip lights

You can choose to test the amount of stress your LED strip lights can tolerate. The stress test will ensure that you obtain the maximum number of hours that your lights can work efficiently under stress. Establishing the limit will ensure that you learn to use your strip lights efficiently and effectively while prolonging their lifespan.



How long your LED strip lights last solely depends on you. Some practices such as constantly opening and closing the strip lights can impact the lighting system; thus, reducing the strip light’s longevity. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that you operate your LED strip lights efficiently.



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