Things you could do to make a short bob wig worth it


What length wig should I get for a bob?

You should get around twelve inches of the short bob wigs. That is the ideal length that would look great on most people. However, a person’s height may be the best way to know the length of a short bob wig.

People shorter than 6 feet may prefer a 10-inch short bob wig. The 10-inch short bob wig is straight and might reach right over your shoulder, which will give a nice moderate hair look. People shorter than five feet and eight inches may have the 10-inch wig to stretch below the shoulder and look more protracted and messy.

Most important, the length of the wig will depend on your needs as a person. Long wigs usually trap more heat in them, thus making you feel warm. In contrast, short wigs do not trap heat as they dry faster and are easier to style.

How do you make a short bob wig look natural?

The easiest way to make your short bob wig look natural is through trimming some baby hair. Once you ensure the wig is well placed on your head, tie up or clip your short bob wig on either side of your head to avoid disturbance from the hanging hair. Once you have held the hair in place, you may slowly pull out your baby’s hair.

The baby hair will mostly be visible to people outside and may not look similar to the wig. That means the hair would be giving a different look, thus quite messy. So, cutting and plucking the hairline would help improve the appearance of the short bob wig.

How long does a bob wig last?

Bob wigs last long when you take good care of them. The longevity of your bob wig will depend on whether it is real human hair or a synthetic type of wig. Ideally, synthetic bob wigs can last over six months. However, their heat-friendly nature makes their life span typically to be shorter than expected.

In contrast, when you practice good care on your bob wig, there are chances that the wig will last longer. Also, you may practice good care and wear the wig more frequently. In that case, the bob wig might take a shorter time than expected.

How do you style a cheap bob wig?

Styling a bob wig depends on your preference. You may style a bob wig by plaiting the wig at the front parts on both sides and using the plaited parts to surround the rest of the wig like a ring. You may use this style on casual occasions or when you are relaxing at home.

Secondly, you may pick some hair strands slightly away from the forehead. Divide the strands into two and twist them against one another as you plait. Take the plaited hair strand and run it diagonally across your head. Use a hair clip to hold it in place. Similarly, this style may be appropriate for casual occasions.

You may get creative with the short bob wig and have various styles. The style you choose should go hand in hand with the occasion you intend to slay at. Most importantly, leaving the short bob wig at its default is a great idea for official occasions.


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