What are the Components of an Access Control System?


The access control system is a unique system that assists owners in synchronizing traffic flow to their building. This system consists of different access control parts which play different roles. Physical access protection supports cyber security by organizing users’ authentication to access the control system.

Understanding the functions of access control systems can be challenging, but once you understand the critical access control parts, it will help you secure your organization.

Components of an Access Control System

You should know that most organizations provide identity to their workers, either human or digital, with specific credentials, such as username and password. With the help of those credentials, workers can access the resources like data, applications, and software. Well! Here are some essential components of an access control system that work in sequences to complete the security process.

The Server

The central part of the access control system is the server. The server stores and arranges the list of credentials the organization issues to the users. You can use a server on-site or can rent space on the cloud. If there are any changes to your security, you can change the list stored by the server. The server also keeps a record of all entry and exit data that you can use to retrieve the information later on.


Credentials, like magnetic strip keycards, smartphones, or pin codes, can be in any form. Some other forms of credentials could be fingerprints or key fobs. It does not matter which form the credential is; it will always be unique to the individual. Every credential holds a unique ID, and the scanner reads that ID to identify whether the user is allowed to enter or not.

The Reader

What kind of reader will work best for you depends upon the type of credentials you use. Different types of readers can be mag stripe readers or PIN readers. You can use a FRID scanner in case of prox cards. At the same time, you can use cellular receivers and fingerprint scanners for smartphone signals. The reader scans the credentials and converts the relevant data into Wiegand numbers readable by all door controllers.

Control Panel

The control panel is the central hub of this system that connects all the readers, which associates the Wiegand ID to the user’s list on the server. If your credentials match, the controller sends signals to unlock the door.

Door Locks

What kind of door lock you have used depends upon your security needs. The electromagnetic plates are the best option for access control systems when mounted at the top of the door. These are the most impressive and robust locks to use.

Key Takeaway

After reading the article, you have learned about the main components of the access control system and how it works. If you want a security system like an access control system, consult a professional team because professionals best install access control. The access control system is the best choice to secure your data by providing unique credentials to the users. The best thing about the access control system is that it follows a complete procedure to allow access to the data.


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